Best Cartoon
Megan Sice Brookfield Community School


‘Black forest City Kids’ Megan Sice Brookfield Community School

This cartoon is so good for someone so young – Megan shows sweet promise. It is well written and there is a mixture of different kinds of panels giving the page variety. One suggestion – make sure all your lettering is big enough and clear enough to be seen and read.

Highly Commended

‘The Economic Fortune Teller’ Jack Rolfe – Berkhamsted School – Ink
This is very well drawn. I liked a lot about this cartoon but felt in the end it was possibly trying to do too much. I had a question – ‘Which came first the cartoon or the title of the article?’

‘Battles’ – Christian Rivron – Osborne School.   This cartoon really made me laugh and it was well written and I wanted to know what happens next!

Highly Recommended