Best Design and Layout
The Manchester Grammar School



The Manchester Grammar School

The judges considered the design and layout of The New Mancunian to be outstanding.  It has a consistent level of bold and original design all the way through – the hallmark of a good magazine.  Overall the publication shows a high standard of layout, typography and brave use of white space and imagery that makes it stand out.  The New Mancunian team has achieved an individual style – very successfully!


Highly Commended                                                                 

Headington School – AQILA

With AQUILA the judges immediately enjoyed an intense and exciting magazine.  Overall the publication has a striking layout with fantastic art direction and clever use of original imagery.


Saint Olave’s Grammar School – ARTicle

ARTicle’s 2016 edition is sound.  With clear layouts, use of type and a bold creative voice, once again St Olave’s has delivered a good entry.

Highly Recommended