Best Feature Article
Oundle School


Oundle School – Oundle Chronicle ‘Fighting Terrorism in Syria by Thomas Lambton

With a strong introduction as a leader on the front page this article holds the attention.  Beautifully written and crafted, this is reporting at its best – a story of young man from London, Harry who gives up his security and his job to travel, take up arms and fight to oppose ISIS – passion and purpose in a dangerous country.  The writer reports on Harry’s opinions and experiences, his return to the UK, the reasoning and the change to his life’s work.  This is an example of clever storytelling which underpins all good journalism.


Highly Commended

The King Edward V1 School – Student Review

McDonald’s: A Great Place For A Date by Joseph Dale

The judges loved this story.  It rings bells and resonates with most of us.  The writer is clever in crafting a ‘lonely hearts’ theme with perception, sensuality and humour.  The journalistic aspect is added to by the example of a real life situation where a couple is interviewed after being sent to try out a date in McDonald’s.


The Latymer School – Clio

‘Once More unto the breach’ by Luca Ferraro

An intelligent piece of writing and research on Shakespeare’s Henry V and the Battle of Agincourt and the use of the account of the battle as propaganda.  This was an appropriate choice of subject matter in this anniversary year of 400 years since the writer’s death.  Observation on the power and legacy of Shakespearean prose drawn from careful research enhanced the examination of this subject and the commentary was clear and justified.


The Manchester Grammar School -The New Mancunian

‘Ban the balloon ‘ by Rishi Sundar.  This feature article contains a thoughtful overview of the finite resources of Helium on our planet.  It looks at the reasoning why we should attempt to preserve the important levels available.  There is good research into the use of Helium and an argument for more understanding and consideration when using Helium for somewhat frivolous purposes.


The Marlborough Science Academy – The Marlborough Oracle

‘You are better than no man’ by Kathleen Mitchell (aka Frank West)

With a headline ‘written for the students by the students’ the feature is written about a little girl called Franky’s dream of going to Cambridge.  Using a parody on a fairytale the story is her journey through her own imagination.  It is perceptive and focuses on the human conditions of hope, self-belief and determination.

Highly Recommended