Best Online
The Knights Templar School


 The Knights Templar School – NewsKnight

A clean and well routed online publication; good use of colour contrast with box-outs on a white background on the home page; interesting selection of images; intelligent and well written features on current issues, both local and global.  Excellent to see well-rounded and considered content presented in an eminently readable and enjoyable format.

Highly Commended

St. Joseph’s College – VOX

The VOX website was well – received by the judges – particularly by Google – for its clean and colourful format using a WordPress template that lends itself to be viewed easily and legibly on smartphones and tablets.  Navigation around the website is quick and the articles are well written and interesting, covering  diverse topics and news stories.  The interview with West End star Ruthie Henshall shows enterprise and good journalistic skills.  The editorial team have shown their enjoyment of this project with their excellent online publication and we are led to believe that there is usually quite a lot of singing when the team meet each week after school to plan and update the next issue – we enjoyed VOX too!

Kingsbridge Community College – Abridged

Abridged online magazine is striking in both its appliance and content.  Powered by 3D issue software the ‘click through’ pages are easily readable and the content is thought -provoking.

Unfortunately some of the legibility of the articles is spoilt by the use of strong background images.



Highly Recommended