Best Original Illustration and Artwork
Sophie Johnson Saint Olave's Grammar School

This year we created two new categories for Best Original Illustration and Best Original Photography with a focus on the merit of the individual.  The standard in recent years has been very high and we want to highlight the exceptional promise of a student focused on this genre.



Saint Olave’s Grammar School – ARTicle

The judges were impressed with the originality and the student’s ability to make interesting statements with imagery.   Well executed throughout with themes of conceptualism, iconoclasm and gender, the publication is full of observation and interest.  Sophie Johnston’s image ‘Maps’ on page two is the well-deserved and outstanding winner of this category.


Highly Commended

Dollar Academy – The Galley

The illustrations in the Galley go a long way to personalising this publication and enhancing the school’s community spirit.  The judges also commented on the effectiveness of introducing each article and feature with a drawing of the author.  This human element strengthened the editorial content and engaged with the reader.  Megan Hegarty  has demonstrated her talent with a fun collection of caricatures on the front cover.


Kimbolton School – The Kimboltonian

The judges remarked on the beautiful colouring and striking imagery and illustrations.  The clever use of artwork complements the editorial content.   They felt the key illustrations would have been even more striking without overlaid text but remarked on the exceptional image by Sian Blake entitled ‘Human’.


Right Choice – Diversity

The judges were delighted to note that this is the fifth consecutive year that Right Choice School has submitted an entry.   Comments ranged from ‘very engaging drawings’ to ‘interesting and clearly defined artwork’.   The nominated entry is ‘The Gangs of South East London’ by Levi Perdreau.

Highly Recommended