Best Original Photograph
Kingsbridge Community School


 Kingsbridge Community School – Abridged (online)

Image – Social Media by Lily Bex and Miranda Luckhurst

Looking through the magazine, this image immediately captured the judges’ attention.  It works well as a stand-alone image without requiring explanation but immediately draws the viewer in and encourages them to read the accompanying article.  Whilst the focus is on the boy and his phone, the surrounding elements have obviously been carefully considered and the execution shows exceptional artistic and technical skill.

Highly Commended

Pipers Corner School – Hacker- The Global Edition

Image – Lord Napier by Alicia Wright

Alicia Napier’s image shows a superb eye for composition and colour.  Her framing has made very clever use of the graphic elements – the sloping roof, lorry, railway bridge and street lights – to take the viewer’s eye into and around the image and it provides an extremely strong and original comment on the subject matter with or without the accompanying text.

Saint Olave’s Grammar School – ARTicle

Image – Strata by Miles Callaghan

Miles Callaghan’s image invites the viewer to stop and ask questions.  It is open to interpretation on many levels and makes good use of photographic techniques.

The Knights Templar School – NewsKnight

Image – Peak District by Sasha Mills

Tasked with taking an image to record a specific event, Sasha Mills’ panoramic shot would be welcomed by any picture editor or art director. As a landscape photograph it captures the magnificence of the area, the potential weather conditions and the event taking place. Sasha has coped well with the varying levels of light and her carefully chosen composition clearly emphasises the task facing the walkers. Importantly the composition offers the opportunity for a banner image on a website or across a double page spread in a magazine with plenty of scope for text placement if required. This flexibility can make the difference between an image being published or consigned to the outtakes.

Highly Recommended