Most Inspirational Teacher
John Branney - DLD College – FIYAR


DLD College – FIYAR – John Branney

John Branney has been a lasting and solid support for the students and staff throughout the making of this magazine.  He pushes the students to achieve their best, through high expectations and ongoing support.  Some of the students have limited language skills and he has helped develop their confidence in using the English language.    Working one-to-one Mr Branney has given support and strength to students who may otherwise have not achieved results.  His pupils say, ‘The reason why we all believe John should get the award for Most Inspirational Teacher is because he is one of the most supportive and caring teachers.  He uses our feedback to improve the course each term.  He incorporates learning styles and preferences to make sure students feel they can achieve.  It would be excellent if we could show him how great he is through winning this award.’


Highly Commended

Berkhamsted School – INK – Amelia Ireland

Amelia Ireland is praised by her pupils for her devotion to the magazine and supportive attitude to the team.   Her drive and inspiration has contributed to the successful re-launch of the magazine as mobile and tablet friendly.


Dartford Grammar School – The Loop – James Looney

James Looney has been completely dedicated to the BBC News School Report project.  The students have admitted that they were nervous at the start and Mr Looney was instrumental in recognising their abilities and encouraging them and giving them praise.  ‘He helped us promote the project in school by telling teachers and students about the work we had done.  He organised a rare commendation in a whole school assembly and this gave us a confidence boost. Without his enthusiasm much of what we’ve done would not have been possible.’


The Knights Templar School – NewsKnight (online) Ben McDermott

The team from Knights Templar School believe that Ben McDermott is behind the success of their team – inspiring them and guiding the development of the online format for the news-focused media. They mention their teacher’s ability to motivate and encourage the team to achieve the highest professional standards in writing and editing in particular.

Highly Recommended