Top tips: Feature Articles

We think the best way for our 2015 entrants to win this year is by hearing directly from our previous winners. 

Luke O’Sullivan from Berkhamsted School was Highly Commended for Most Outstanding Pupil and the school overall was also Highly Commended for Best Online. Luke has been kind enough to write two articles for us about good practice and sharing some new ideas.

His first piece is on Feature Articles…

  • Don’t be afraid to be controversial.   Writing about challenging conversations and subject matter can stimulate and encourage response from your readership  – think Katie Hopkins!
  • Write something about an interest that is outside of your subjects or comfort zone. So many times editors see and hear complaints from readers of articles that simply write out and simplify the course they are taking at school/college. Write about something people don’t already know everything about – unless, obviously, you are adding a unique viewpoint on it.
  • Find others in your team to proof-read or check your drafts – it is good to have constructive criticism – then look at the draft again yourself with an objective eye and try to pick holes in it.
  • Always re-read your article as if you knew nothing about the subject, and then see if it’s still convincing.
  • Try and balance any argument – try to avoid biased opinion and dogma
  • Sometimes its good to sleep on it – and then double check your draft in the morning for last minute word changes, grammar and spelling before you publish
  • Avoid plagiarism – infringement of copyright is a serious business and at the end of the day it’s a wasted opportunity
  • Always be true to yourself and be proud to put your name to the feature article


Thanks Luke!

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