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Welcome to the Shine School Media Awards



Shine 2014 Awards Day

Shine 2014 Awards Day

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The Shine School Media Awards have been created to

  • recognise young creative talent
  • develop literacy, publishing and business skills
  • foster teamwork
  • encourage a respect for copyright
  • encourage informed awareness of environmental and sustainability issues
  • Provide a Learning resource on publishing and related topics

Inspiring through recognition

Developed by the 600-year-old Stationers’ Livery Company in the City of London, the awards are for schools in England and Wales. Producing a publication may be a suitable project for inclusion in some coursework directed at developing skills for the creative and cultural industries.  See for example  (http://www.nocn.org.uk/qualifications/art-and-design-qualifications).          

Inspiring through media:   
creating a newspaper, magazine or digital product can motivate young  people to learn and to achieve in other areas of their development
Inspiring through learning: media teaching resources are available through the Shine School Media Awards website for pupils and teachers

Inspiring through workshops and seminars

Martin Burley Highly Commended ‘Most Inspirational Teacher’,  Noel-Baler School,Derby said……………..

‘Wow! These people actually know who we are!”

This comment from one of our Year 9 students summed up our collective first impression as we arrived at the 2014 Shine Media Awards Workshops. It was obvious as soon as we introduced ourselves that everybody had read our e-magazine, The Martlet. We were overwhelmed with congratulations from the workshop facilitators who praised the work we had put in – it was an amazing start to the day.

As this was our first visit to the awards ceremony we were unsure of what to expect, but we threw ourselves into the workshops and were rewarded with some fantastic experiences.

Each workshop we attended was represented by some enthusiastic individuals passionate about their specific area in the publishing arena. Our pupils were particularly inspired by the writers from Cosmopolitan. When we sat down as a team at their table we expected to hear all about their careers, but what won the students over straight away was their interest in us.

The two writers wanted to hear about what we had done with our magazine, what had inspired us and how we had set about creating a publication. They talked to the students, not at them and created a dialogue straight away. Their excitement and love of their job shone through as they talked us through the whole process of magazine creation.

From finding initial ideas to exploring the new opportunities that social media offers they offered good practical advice and encouraged our students to find different avenues to explore. The writer of our Highly Commended Feature Article, Katie Desmond, was certainly keen to take up the opportunity of work experience – the only frustration being that she would have to wait until she was 18.

After this our team split up and explored different areas of interest, some of us attended an interesting talk delivered by Creative Skillset which gave practical advice on how to further a career in the industry. The speaker was extremely knowledgeable and crammed lots of information into a short slot.

Other members of our group visited Hobbs and were involved in a technical discussion about the production of interactive magazines using QR codes. This was of great interest to the digital production members of our team who have come back with some new and innovative ideas about how best to deliver our publication.

Overall we found the workshops an amazing experience. Talking to industry professionals about specific issues was both illuminating and inspiring – we only wish we could have visited more! It’s certainly given us a lot of ideas that we want to bring to The Martlet in the future, hopefully this will result in us being shortlisted again next year. The students enjoyed it so much they are already planning their return visit.

Noel-Baker School ‘The Martlet’  received awards for Highly Commended ‘Best Feature Article’ and Highly Commended ‘Best Online’


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